Why Mustang.........

Mustang is Life, before and after is waiting.

During 2010-2018 I photographed a LOT of airshows. As well as being an active Airline pilot at the time, I was also flying a good range of general aviation types. Watching Mustangs being operated at airshows, it became obvious to me how this particular design seems to have over come so many issues which many other warbirds seems to suffer from. An example of this is the Mustang's centre-line radiator air cooling scoop vs the Spitfire's underwing configuration.  During ground operations the Spitfire overheats relatively easily with no air flowing over the wing, whereas the Mustang has plenty of cooling from the prop wash generated by the propellor.

The Mustang's reputation alone precedes it - if the sound of the Packard Merlin doesn't. Its stance on the ground motionless is even imposing and purposeful. This eventually led to one thing and one place. In late 2015 I started on a journey to complete a full fledged checkout course on the Cadillac of the Sky. I realised this ambition in 2017 with graduation as student 185 from Stallion51's Mustang Checkout programme with 17 hours and 25 minutes in the front seat.

If this sounds good to you, have a look at the School and the course, link below.
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